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Cubby’s Story

Cubby at 1 week of age
Cubby at 1 week of age

The call came out of the blue from my daughter, Jenn. A newborn kitten had been discovered abandoned in the dirty, dark corner of a feed mill. Workers nearby heard its plaintive cries and sought help for the tiny creature. Mother cat was nowhere to be found.

She asked if I would be willing to foster it for a few days, until other arrangements could be made. I hesitated. My experience with kitten care was quite limited and neonates? Nil. I considered. What if it died in my care? Then, what if it didn’t? I was on the road to her office within minutes.

We cooed over the little black ball of fur snuggled in the cardboard box. It was no bigger than a mouse. She picked it up gently and it eagerly sniffed for the miniature baby bottle with eyes sealed shut. I felt encouraged by its energy in latching on and finally taking some formula. Jenn gave me a crash course in baby kitten care before I left, carefully balancing my new responsibility.

That was five weeks ago. I’m thrilled to report that my baby boy kitten, Cubby is doing fine. It has been a learning curve for both of us, but Jenn and her husband Brent were a great help as was the Internet and the informative staff at Pet Valu.

Cubby at 5 weeks of age
Cubby at 5 weeks of age

It had been years since my nightly baby feedings, but somehow little reminders came to me from the past. As with my own babies, I enjoyed nourishing this little one, keeping him warm enough (critical for the survival of newborn kittens) and getting a pleasant surprise in how gratifying this whole experience was for me.

Cubby had his first vet check at four weeks of age. I watched with pleasure as the staff gushed over this little furry dynamo. One technician told me that neonates rarely survive without their mother. I wasn’t aware of this and told her of my inexperience and worries of the previous weeks. She laughed and said, “Just like a first time mom!”

Doesn’t everyone like happy endings?

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