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Foraging For Finds!

Flamingo SculptureThe push to re-use, re-purpose and recycle is not new. Though today it’s more ecologically based, the “waste not, want not” strategy has been around for many years. On a personal level, my first forays into the world of second hand buying started in the Sixties. I had the advantage of knowing my way around a sewing machine which meant I could alter, repair or redesign clothing. There were thrift shops, used furniture stores, church rummage sales, garage sales and much later online markets to search.

Over the years I have been attracted to the same kind of item. Chairs would charm me, I swooned over small purses, glass topped tables beckoned, cherrywood furniture cheered me. There were silver and bronze chunky picture frames, stone and metal garden statuary, and large trays made from wicker, wood or ceramic that worked well for my interior decorating.

These days friends come over and remark about a recent acquisition of furniture or ornamentation in my apartment. Most often I have made these discoveries on my travels, which is another way of saying the goods are not new. When I tell them the cost, because I’m proud of a bargain, they’re surprised.

On a whim, I thought I’d share here some of the pieces that I have acquired over the years. I have a one bedroom apartment with 900 square feet of living space. For me, minimalist decorating with furniture works best. Rooms tend to look larger with well chosen pieces and there’s more space for movement. I admit to downsizing for some of my relocations. That’s fun because my children and friends can be the recipients of age old finds that I still see in their homes.


$ 10.00              Ebony wood tall four drawer chest.

$  7.00               Retro style one drawer ornate table.

$125.00             Retro style cherrywood desk with matching chair.

$ 80.00              2 Art Deco style wood and glass end tables.

$ 10.00              Ornately carved wood and brocade chair.

$ 70.00              Art Deco style cherrywood electric fireplace.

Found                Red matte painted bar chair.

$ 20.00               2 brushed metal table lamps


$ 25.00             Round glass top dining table with steel accent and 4 cherrywood legs.

$ 15.00             2 ebony wooden chairs.

$  8.00              Folding black vinyl and wood dining chair.

$ 40.00             Cherrywood serving table on brass casters.

Found.             Metal Blue Heron garden sculpture.

$ 25.00            2 large ornately framed paintings.


Found.              Natural wicker laundry basket with lid.

$  4.00              Cherrywood 2 drawer night table

$ 10.00             Large framed landscape photo.

$ 50.00             Mocha brown olefin wing-backed armchair.

The larger furniture to complete these spaces was purchased brand new on sale. I love the slogan, “One person’s trash is another one’s treasure.”

Thanks for joining me and happy hunting!

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  1. Janice J. Richardson Janice J. Richardson

    Your round glass ‘art deco’ dining room table is my favourite. You have indeed made it a cozy home, a pleasant spot to chat about our works in progress over tea and catch up on all the news. You have a gift and your esthetics reflect it. All that and a great writer too!

  2. Erika Erika

    There’s something so wonderful about finding an old beauty and bringing it home and giving it new life!! Lovely read, Judith. Thanks for the inspiration!

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