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Municipal Beach 2011

Snow fence is gone
A brilliant blue sky
That hurts the eyes
Bottle green waves crash the shore

Hot sand dash in loose flip flops
Worn, soccer ball drops and rolls
Young, swimsuit clad bodies
Race to the water’s edge

Old beach blanket straightened
Sunscreen slathered, cotton hats on
Air rafts lifted, a laughing run to waves
“Watch me Mimsee, I can swim!”

Sea doos skim, blaring in the distance
Snacks on shore, bottles of water
Cheezies fed to gulls, edging closer
Yellow eyes piercing, watchful

Heavy, nimbus clouds gather
Sun hides and sands darken
A freshet of wind shivers skin
Towels pulled closer, toes numbing

A final splash in tepid waters
Smiling, pink beach ball floats away
A search for green sea glass
Before home, home from our day.

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