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Silver Bay 1981

Summer day, hot and bright
A promise of the shore
Cerulean sky painted above
Foam flecked waves on the horizon

Plaintive cries of soaring gulls
Warm sand in cold eager toes
Running, laughing, rushing
Yellow striped towels flapping

Tattered quilt taut on ground
Smooth brown stones hold four ends
Baby’s day bed, hamper, umbrella
Small tan bodies, arms stretched to waves

Light wind caressing hair falling
Over sandcastles and tunnels
Shiny red shovels in starfish hands
Waves rush water in then retreat

Hamper open, crisp cucumber with chicken
Juice boxes slake hot parched throats
Nap time for baby, towel on her bed
Peals of glee, “Look, Mommy, I can swim!”

Languid blanket rest, clouds scuttle sky
Drying suits, stories to be read
A search for green sea glass
Before home, home from our day.

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